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Building Maintenance

Prevententive Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

  •            Our Preventative Maintenance goal

    • ​Maintain all systems and equipment. Ensure HVAC system is operating within manufacturer specifications

    • Maximize HVAC efficiency and reduce service calls.

    • Maintenances are performed in accordance with manufacturer's recommended specifications

    •  Customers stay in the know on maintenance findings with GSDAC's interactive maintenance report:

      • Displays recommended repairs, costs and job priority in a simple format. ​

      • Customer can budget in real time and choose the repairs they see fit. 

Inspecting Unit

Testing & Inspecting

  • During our Preventative Maintenance we closely test and inspect each unit. Technicians check that:

    • The system that is running efficiently. 

    • Verify coil health

    • All belts are in good condition.

    • Being proactive over reactive with your equipment.​


  • GSDAC presents a range of preventive maintenance tiers, enabling every customer to select the most suitable maintenance package tailored to their individual requirements.

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Indoor Air Quality

  • During our Preventative Service, we inspect and replace all filters to help:

    • Prevent unit down time 

    • Maintain proper airflow

    • Improve indoor air quality

    • Increase energy efficiency

    • Extend the lifespan of the HVAC system

    • Reduce the risk of malfunctions or breakdowns.

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Scheduling & Dispatching

  • Each customer is assigned an account manager when they contact GSDAC. 

    • Account Managers are your first point of contact. They will assist with any questions or requests. ​

  • Once a service is requested and a time-frame is set,  your Account Manager will coordinate with our Dispatch Department to get a technician on-site. 

    • Our company vehicles are equipped with GPS. This provides us a comprehensive view of our fleet and allows us to more efficiently serve our customers.​

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